Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria Project (TRIMING) is a World Bank supported programme aimed at improving irrigation management in Nigeria. It also seeks to reduce rural poverty through progressive management transfer to user-regulated bodies such as Water User Associations (WUAs). It comprises rehabilitation/expansion of about 42,000Ha of irrigation land under the first phase, expected to be completed by 2022.

The project is a loan facility of US$495.3million from the World Bank, counterpart funding of US$44million from the Federal Government and beneficiary contribution is US$21million. The total cost of the project is US$560.3million. Projects to be supported under this programme are:

  • Bakalori Irrigation Project (Work commenced in 2017) – it covers 13,500 Ha. Work progress is 25%
  • Kano River Irrigation Project (Contractor commenced mobilization in early 2019) – it covers 14,400 Ha. Work progress is 20%.
  • Hadejia Valley Irrigation Project (Construction commenced following Flag-off by President Muhammadu Buhari on 14th May, 2018) – it covers 6,000 Ha. Work progress is 52.5%.
  • Dadin Kowa Irrigation Project (Procurement process has commenced) – it covers 3,000 Ha. Work progress is 22%.
  • Middle Rima Irrigation Project (Studies nearing completion) – it covers 4,333 Ha. The process of engaging contractor for the construction of flood protection dyke is at advance level.
  • Guyuf Irrigation Scheme – Preliminary study and design of 15,000 Ha is at advanced stage of completion.

The TRIMING concept is to be applied in future management of irrigation schemes nationwide.