• Introduction/Background

The Survey Unit is one of the supporting units in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources. Its mandate is to provide the requisite geospatial information for the various technical departments and units in order to facilitate and complement the activities of these technical departments in the course of implementing their mandates for better service delivery.

The Survey unit was established in February 2015 and is one of the pool offices of the Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation (OSGOF), created to make available requisite geospatial data for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the right quality, quantity and format.

 2.0   Functions of the Unit

The functions of the Unit amongst others are as follows:

  1. Cadastral and Legal Survey of properties of Federal Ministry of Water Resources.
  2. Monitoring and deformation studies of dams and reservoirs.
  • Production of Geo-information, maps to all users.
  1. Co-ordinating Survey activities in all departments, Units and Agencies within the Ministry.
  2. Levelling aimed at the production of topographic maps.
  3. Engineering and infrastructure Survey.
  • Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveying and other Geo-spatial related jobs.
  • Demarcation and percellation of irrigation schemes.
  1. As-built-survey and preparation of maps and plans.
  2. Liaise with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources (FMWR) on behalf of the Office of the Surveyor of the Federation (OSGOF).

The Unit is under the office of the Permanent Secretary as mentioned above for effective and efficient service delivery. However, the HOU reports to the Director of Special Duties who co-ordinates the Unit under the Permanent Secretary’s office.