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As the custodian of the Federal Government bureaucracy, the Federal Civil Service remains a key factor with influence and impact on all dimensions of government including performance improvement and delivery of services needed to achieve national development goals and good governance. To realize these objectives at the Ministerial level, the need to establish a robust Rewards and Recognition System (R&RS) in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources to boost performance becomes imperative.

It is expected that the R&RS will play a fundamental role in accelerating  the implementation of the 2017 – 2020 Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan by linking incentives and rewards to performance. It is also believed that the focus of the Strategy Plan in developing an Efficient, Productive, Incorruptible and Citizen-centered (EPIC) culture in the Civil Service cannot be achieved without motivation, which will engender both collaboration and co-operation from Staff and birth strategic outcomes such as well-motivated, disciplined, skilled and accountable Staff in the Ministry.

The idea behind the establishment of the R&RS is to provide a comprehensive and robust Rewards System that will motivate, recognize and reward best employees in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, ipso facto, the Federal Civil Service. This would ultimately improve productivity as well as boost overall institutional performance.

Key among the objectives of the Rewards and Recognition System are to institutionalise the implementation of the relevant Public Service Rules on Awards and Recognition (PSR 150101 – 150107); serve as motivational tool to bring out the best from the workforce in the Ministry; enhance Staff personal development for career progression and embed a performance driven reward system that serves as enabler for all other strands of effective people management in an integrated fashion.


The Scope of the R&RS in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources covers the following Categories of Awards and Recognition Schemes:

A. The Ministerial Awards & Recognition Scheme

  1. Honourable Minister Unique Act Award.
  2. Permanent Secretary Exemplary Conduct Award.
  3. Heroic Award
  4. Long Service Merit Award.
  5. Recognition of Long-serving and Retired Civil Servants.

B.     Departmental and Units Awards & Recognition Scheme

  1. Ethics & Professionalism Award
  2. Mentorship Award

Each of the Categories of Awards and Recognition have specific criteria for qualification, a well composed Award Selection Committee with Terms of Reference, Selection Guidelines and Weightings, and the suggested rewards, most of which are in kind, including the source of funding. Most of the Rewards are expected to be sponsored by Corporate Bodies, National and International organizations, and Donor Agencies and Partners.

The climax of the R&RS will be a Ministry Awards Ceremony, which will be held annually to recognize and celebrate the various Ministerial Awardees as well as Staff of the Ministry who receive a Service-wide

Honour, Recognition or Award. The Ceremony will be organized in collaboration with relevant Government Stakeholders and will be open to sponsorship by Private Sector and Development Partners and Agencies. For uniformity and standards, the Certificates and Plaques at the Ministerial and Departmental levels, would be produced centrally.

Information regarding the R&RS, including names of the various Awardees will be published on the Ministry’s Website and in a Ministry Newsletter. The Newsletter will be self-sustaining through Private Sector, Development Partners, and Donor Agencies sponsorships and advertisements. It will also serve as a vehicle to promote the vision and mandate of the Ministry and publicise topical issues related to Civil Servants’ Benefit Packages, Government Policy directives on Water Resource matters, etc…

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