Procurement department is saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring due process in the procurement activities of the Ministry through competition, transparency and achievement of value for money in budget implementation as entrenched in accordance with Public Procurement Act, 2007.

Director (Procurement): the department is headed by a Director. He coordinates all procurement activities of the Ministry (Capital, Recurrent and Donor Funded Procurement).

Deputy Director assists the Head of department in running the affairs of the department, coordinates the activities of the other staff as will be directed by the Head of department.

Assistant Directors with the assistance of other staff see to it that all the departments of the Ministry adhere strictly to procurement procedure in their various procurement activities. Such departments are: Dams, Water Quality, Planning, Research & Statistics, River Basin Operation, National Water Research Institute, NIWRMC, Irrigation and Drainage, Water supply, River Basins Development Authorities, NIHSA and other Administrative departments.


The Department ensures that the following Procurement Steps are strictly adhered to:

    • Efficient Procurement Plan Driven by Needs Assessment
    • Appropriation before contracts are awarded
    • Advertisements
    • Transparent Pre-qualification
    • Bid Submission
    • Conduct Bid Opening
    • Bid Evaluation (both Technical and Financial)
    • Tenders Board /Federal Executive Approval
    • Contract Execution
    • Keeping of all Procurement Records
    • Ensuring that there is value for money spent by government by making sure that the most competent contractors are those who got jobs (contracts).


    • Successful coordination of Ministry Procurement Plan.
    • Harmonization of Procurement Plan with Budget
    • Ensured Proper placement of advertisement of projects of various departments in the Ministry.
    • Successful Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation.
    • Keeping Records of Capital and Recurrent Projects.
    • Giving advices to procurement entities of the Ministry when necessary.
    • Contractors are clarified on issues not clear to them during procurement process.
    • Transparent, competitiveness and value for money are achieved.