Climate Change Unit

The Unit is to mainstream climate change concerns into the water sector for sustainable water management nationwide. The functions of the Unit are as summarized below:

  1. Strengthening of overall policy/institutional framework, including resource mobilization and information dissemination that will promote mainstreaming climate change issues into the water sector.
  2. To promote low carbon Development; Low carbon solutions for rural areas; renewable energy options.
  3. Capacity building in the water sector on climate change.
  4. Publish regularly, maps, bulletin, etc with the view of disseminating information on climate change
  5. Sensitize the public on Climate Change as it affects the water sector and the strategy for mainstreaming climate change phenomena into water resources planning and management.
  6. Domesticate in the water sector, the globally-agreed climate change regime of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


  • Completed the Publication of the “Climate Change Information Guide for Hydrological Area One (otherwise known as Sokoto –Rima River Basin)
  • Commenced the Study of the Western Littoral (Hydrological Area Six)
  • About to commence the publication of “National Climate Resilient Water Management Plan (NCRWMP)
  • To extend Training Workshop to other River Basin Development Authorities
  • Strengthening of the RBDAs on climate resilience projects/programs for adaptation and mitigation mechanisms for sustainable management of the nation’s water resources.

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