The General Services Department was created by Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the

Federation vide circular No. HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 dated March 2014 as a service – wide

department responsible for the following duties:

i. Transport Administration

ii. Utility Services

iii. Facility Management

iv. Maintenance Services

v. Office Allocation

vi. Security

The Department is made up of two (2) Divisions with the following duties:

(a) The MAINTENANCE DIVISION responsible for Maintenance Services, Facility

Management, Plant and Equipment and Office Allocation.

(b) The GENERAL SERVICES DIVISION responsible for Transport Administration, Utility

Services (Telephone, PABX, Electricity bills, etc.), Store Management and Security.

The Ministry is one of the oldest Public Structures in the FCT built in 1976 and the Department

has risen up to the task by ensuring adequate maintenance and provision of support services.

We have provided jobs in the areas of maintenance of the facilities, repair works, renovation

and landscaping.

The Department provides stable power supplies to the Ministry, ensure adequate maintenance

and we are responsible for the overall security of the facilities. Also, we provide transport to

members of staff through our fleet of vehicles.